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Enchanted Living - Interview with Danielle DaCosta

Alisa Pevzner July 2015


Danielle DaCosta is wasting no time while completing her studies at the University of New Mexico. She happens to also be the owner and administrator of a senior assisted living center, Enchanted Living, which she opened up earlier this year in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Differentiating from nursing homes, assisted living facilities include on-site nurses who provide a variety of services for the seniors on a daily basis. While there are numerous options for seniors upon retirement, there is often not enough nurses present at these facilities, leaving less one-on-one care for the actual patient. Danielle wanted to break away from the system and start her own center to make sure that patients are getting the daily care and attention that they truly need and deserve. Femme & Fortune was inspired by her story that we had to find out more. Read below as Danielle shares with us her accomplishments, lessons learned, and goals for the future.

UNM Student opens assisted-living center in Enchanted Hills 

Antonio Sanchez April 2015


Danielle Da Costa, like many college students who juggle school and work, is very busy. Between taking courses at the University of New Mexico to complete her degree in psychology, Da Costa set aside time last week to open her first senior assisted-living home.


“Everything is scheduled, my homework is scheduled, I take a lot of classes online — lot of late nights — that’s just how I manage,” she said. “If you see something and you want it, you just have to jump in and do it. I know when my homework’s due; I have to get it done and make it happen.”

Enchanted Living of New Mexico held an open house Thursday, opening its doors to those interested in senior assisted-living at the Enchanted Hills household.

UNM entrepreneur launches assisted living business in Rio Rancho

Damon Scott April 2015


It’s five beds, 2,000 square feet and her mother is one of four employees — and it marks the beginning of a big dream for University of New Mexico student Danielle DaCosta.


DaCosta just opened Enchanted Living of New Mexico last week in Rio Rancho. In her short career, she’s worked at large residential senior assisted living facilities and thought she could do it better on a smaller scale — eventually replicating the model.