Keeping the Elderly Warm in the Cold Months

We all know how chilly the Land of Enchantment can get during the winter months! Crystal clear skies can make for some of our coldest days. It's always important to keep seniors warm to ensure proper health and comfort. You can keep them warm several ways and by doing so, you reduce the potential risks of someone getting sick, hypersensitive skin (or skin tears), hypothermia and much much more.

Here are a few tips to help keep seniors warm inside the home as well as outside on those beautiful but chilly New Mexico days!

1. It's Tea Time - Who doesn't love a nice hot cup of tea? Making a cup of herbal tea for someone can not only help them stay warm and cozy but it has many benefits for overall health. Herbal teas are full of antioxidants and natural energy boosters. Drinking tea is also a great way to help keep seniors hydrated and it can help with socialization within a group and prompt companionship in a more intimate, one-on-one setting. Depending on the tea, strength and frequency consumed, teas can help reduce stress and create something for seniors to look forward to. Bring on the biscuits and your'e on your way to High Tea!

What if some doesn't like tea? Try a different brand or type. There are hundreds to choose from that can we consumed with or without sugar. Still finding it hard to narrow down the perfect tea? Try making Hot Cocoa. Everyone loves chocolate. Don't forget the whip cream and sprinkles for an added wow factor!

2. Don't Forget The Socks - A pair of socks a day, keeps the doctors away! This is one of the easiest ways to keep feet and toes nice a warm. Providing someone with a warm and thick pair of socks can help them generate more heat and warm the entire body. During the cold months, it is a good idea to make sure seniors wear socks not only during their daily routine but it's also important they sleep in a cozy heat generating pair if they tend to be cold. The "Heat Holders - Lounge Socks" are a good nighttime sock for people who need extra warmth on their lower extremities with a non-skid bottom layer.

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3. Layers Are Your Best Friend - We all learned this when we were younger - Layer your clothing to stay warm. That face still stands. As you layer clothing close to the human chest and back, you create a windbreaker and inner warmth. By creating this inner warmth and then adding appropriate layers, you can protect a senior from the cold temperatures, wind and other elements. Layering can be as easy as a camisole, blouse, cardigan then thicker sweater or coat for a female. Add a long-sleeve t-shirt, a thicker button up and cardigan or coat for a male, to make for a quick, functional layered look. On super chilly days feel free to add a warm hat or mittens if the weather permits. Remember cold hands are always in the need of warm hands to hold!

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